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With over 50 years of dedicated experience in the real estate industry, Greg Sackos stands as a leading authority in the buying and selling of ranches, acreage, and expansive properties. As the proud owner of Intermountain Realty based in Baker City, Oregon, Greg has built a reputation for his unparalleled expertise, personalized service, and deep-rooted knowledge of the real estate markets across multiple states.

Greg is a licensed broker in Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona, offering his clients a broad reach and a wealth of opportunities. His extensive career is marked by a commitment to excellence, integrity, and a passion for connecting people with the land and properties that best suit their needs and aspirations.

Under Greg’s leadership, Intermountain Realty has grown to become a premier real estate firm known for its comprehensive market insights, innovative marketing strategies, and unwavering client support. Whether navigating the complexities of large ranch transactions or finding the perfect acreage, Greg’s clients benefit from his seasoned perspective and steadfast dedication.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Greg is deeply involved in his community, contributing to local initiatives and fostering the growth and development of the regions he serves. His longstanding relationships with clients and industry partners are a testament to his trustworthy character and professional acumen.

Greg Sackos is not just a real estate broker; he is a trusted advisor and a steward of the land, committed to helping his clients achieve their real estate goals with confidence and success.

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Greg Sackos

Principal Broker